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Revised, Rescinded, and Obsolete Documents

TIA standards and publications are periodically revised. The price may change for newer documents and those editions supersede the previous versions of the documents . If advance payment was made with your order for the obsolete item and the replacement document carries a higher price, the right is reserved to charge for any difference in price. Rescinded documents with no replacements and rescinded documents superseded by or incorporated into other documents are listed in the Numeric Index (on-line search of IHS's Web site) with the the appropriate notation. Obsolete documents can be purchased from TIA for $1.00 per page ($100.00 minimum plus shipping and handling).

Digital Rights Management (DRM)

In order to reduce the risk of copyright violations, TIA requires its standards distributors to implement a technical security feature that prevents the unauthorized reproduction and redistribution of downloaded documents (ballots, published standards, and other technical documents) from any of the distributor's websites. For further information, please see TIA's DRM Policy.

DRM permissions for TIA pdf documents allow them to be opened on a maximum of three individual computing devices. For example, a (1) desktop, (2) laptop, and (3) smartphone. Technical librarians and others who purchase electronic documents for others should NOT open them, but instead transfer the files to the ultimate user who intends to use the documents.

Copyright Permission From TIA

TIA holds copyright for all Standards, Specifications, or Bulletins produced by its Engineering Committees. Reproduction and/or distribution of these documents either in hard copy or soft copy is prohibited without copyright permission. All requests for copyright permission should be sent using the online copyright permission form.

The request should include the following information:

Examples of instances in which copyright permission may be granted include:

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Nationwide Text to 9-1-1 is Finally Here

Nationwide Text to 9-1-1 is Finally Here

Nationwide Text to 9-1-1 is here with the help of the now-published TIA and ATIS standard. To tell us more about this big announcement is Stephanie Montgomery, Senior Director of Standards Communications at TIA.