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  • Why are there so few women in the Telecom industry? How will diversity play a role in meeting the needs of a growing ICT workforce? TIA NOW is joined by TIA board members Betty Manetta, President and CEO of Argent Associates... Kanchana Raman, President and CEO of Avion Networks… and Jennifer Sims, CEO of Power and Tel to discuss.

  • A company needs more than just high-quality products and services these days. Customers are prioritizing corporate social responsibility, and holding companies accountable for effecting social change. What's behind this movement? TIA Board Member Betty Manetta, President & CEO of Argent Associates, Soles4Souls ( President and CEO, Buddy Teaster, and TIA’s CEO Wes Johnston talk about this #TIACARES initiative.

  • Betty Manetta, President and CEO of Argent Associates, spoke with TIA NOW about how artificial intelligence plays a big role in fraud detection and predictive analytics. Manetta talks further about the importance of finding your role in the always changing and burgeoning technology ecosystem.

  • Betty Manetta, President and CEO of Argent Associates speaks to TIA NOW about how the smart city connects many verticals like health IT, transportation, industrial and many more. This allows the ecosystem to converge, says Manetta.