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  • Creating a security infrastructure for autonomous vehicles is a difficult task when V2V and IoT infrastructures have yet to mature. But it must be done. David Pickeral, a strategic advisor to venture capital and private equity firms joins TIA NOW with insights.

  • Is the auto industry ready for the ongoing customer relationships necessary with connected cars? Can GM own the contemporary automobile experience they way Spotify owns today's music listening experience? Steve Schwinke, Director of Advanced Development and Concepts at GM speaks with TIA NOW about the present state and future of connected vehicles.

  • The connected car of the future is here, but it’s still evolving to meet customer demands. Steve Schwinke of General Motors discusses the current state of CV, its future and what CV will mean for consumers.

  • What is the status of autonomous vehicles? What are the barriers to full AV deployment and how will the transition to 5G impact development? Experts from the automotive and technology sectors discuss the future of AV, and the next steps in development of this multi-industry disruptor.