David Walsh

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  • What can customers expect now that GENBAND and Sonus have merged into the newly created Ribbon Communications? TIA NOW talks to telecom visionary David Walsh about the merger, digital disruptors, and his Platform as a Service product, Kandy.

  • GENBAND CEO David Walsh discusses how RTC can give carriers an edge.

  • Genband’s CEO, David Walsh, tells TIA NOW how carriers can compete with OTTs if they create a network effect. The fring Alliance allows carriers to partner up, creating a much larger network community to offer services that could prove to be more competitive than the OTT sector.

  • It sounds like real-time communications are already here and the enterprise ecosystem is taking notice. Genband’s CEO and Chairman, David Walsh, tells TIA NOW about the services and solutions provided by the Simply Mobile framework and Genband's Cloud based platform they coined Kandy.


    GENBAND President & CEO David Walsh explains how transitioning away from PSTN can benefit the bottom line immediately in the savings on energy usage.


  • David Walsh, President, Chairman and CEO at Genband tells the TIA 2013 attendees about the evolution of PSTN and what comes after.

  • David Walsh, President, CEO & Chairman of GENBAND discusses the major disruptions facing the ICT industry from the growing interest and adoption of the cloud, SDN and webRTC.