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    One of the key capabilities that will allow us to build flexible networks on top of a common physical infrastructure is network slicing. As 5G continues to take shape, network slicing will become a fundamental technology enabling a wide range of use cases.

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  • TIA NOW's Abe Nejad caught up with Mike Marcellin, Senior Vice President of Strategy & Marketing at Juniper Networks, at Mobile World Congress 2013 to discuss the latest challenges for service providers, 4G/LTE developments and more.

  • CISPA makes an encore appearance after the 2013 SOTU address. President Barack Obama recently signed an executive order putting the wheels in motion for a voluntary cybersecurity Framework of standards for information sharing between public and private sectors. TIA NOW talks with Bob Dix, VP of Govt. Affairs and Critical Infrastructure Protection at Juniper Networks about how this Framework will impact the ICT industry.

  • This edition of “The List” will drill down the details of the impending Executive Order on cybersecurity by President Barack Obama. On the show to give us his perspective on what is truth and what is tale about the administration’s "EO" is Bob Dix, Vice President of Government Affairs & Critical Infrastructure Protection at Juniper Networks.

  • Kittur Nagesh, Sr. Director of Service Provider Marketing at Juniper Networks, sits down with TIA NOW at the TIA 2012 event.