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  • The explosive growth of internet traffic has disrupted the technology industry, threatening to clog telecom networks… unless a new, scalable approach is implemented. This documentary explores the evolution of Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) and the hurdles faced when switching from infrastructure-heavy, legacy networks to virtualized networks.

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  • Why the U.S. outperformed the EU in telecom spending, along with other findings, is part of TIA's ICT Market Review & Forecast, giving fresh data and comprehensive analysis for the ICT industry. Growth in Cloud services, M2M and Cybersecurity are just a few of the hot topics that TIA’s Market Review and Forecast covers.

  • Timothy Sheehy, Director of the North American Communications Group at IGATE, tells TIA NOW how IoT will permeate verticals like the connected car and home.

  • Sanjay Bhatia, Senior Director of Product Marketing at GENBAND, tells TIA NOW at TIA 2014 all about modernizing PSTN technologies by converting legacy systems into all IP networks.

  • Rural operators tell the TIA 2014 audience what challenges they face to deploy ubiquitous broadband coverage and how they are moving towards the provider of choice.

  • What will be the impact of small cell networks on the Enterprise and where should the Enterprise focus its investment in the coming years, and why? Join TIA NOW at TIA 2014 as they speak with Thomas Marcin, Operations Vice President at Henkels & McCoy.

  • Thierry Klein, Network Energy Research Program Leader at Bell Labs, gave the TIA 2014 attendees the answer to the question, “Can We Afford the Future of Communications?” Klein backed up his claims with the trends, opportunities and challenges in the energy sector.

  • Dr. John Mattison, Chief Medical information Officer at Kaiser Permanente, tells TIA NOW at TIA 2014 the latest trends in the eHealth sector.

  • Zero energy is possible, said Thierry Klein, Network Energy Research program Leader at Bell Labs. Join TIA NOW as they talk to Thierry at TIA’s Network of the Future conference about the economics of energy usage for the technology industry.

  • How do you manage economies of scale for Telcos as more developers use the network as a marketplace? Join TIA NOW as they speak with Dr. Vish Nandlall, CTO of Ericsson North America.

  • What is the trajectory of small cell technologies as we roll out LTE Advanced and what is the importance of moving towards distributed networks? Join TIA NOW at TIA 2014 with Kashif Shakil, Head of Small Cells and WiFi Solutions at Ericsson North America and Fran O'Brien, Jr. Ph.D. of the Wireless Standards Mobility CTO Group at Cisco.

  • Franklin Flint, Global Telecom Strategist & Marketing Director at Dell OEM Solutions, tells TIA NOW’s Abe Nejad what he thought about the TIA 2014 Network of the Future Conference.

  • The standards are real, the market is real and the opportunity is real for IoT, said Fred Yentz, CEO of ILS Technology, a Telit company, at the TIA 2014 conference.

  • How do you mitigate the data deluge? Join TIA NOW as they speak with B.K. Yi, CTO at InterDigital at TIA 2014.

  • Steve Sifferman, CEO of Tarana Wireless, tells TIA NOW at TIA 2014 why some in the industry may or may not believe that 5G will be a rip and replace.

  • How do you bring technology and business models together to make a clear business case for the Telco? Krish Prabhu, CTO for AT&T, paints a realistic picture for the carrier industry at the TIA 2014 Network of the Future conference.