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  • The explosive growth of internet traffic has disrupted the technology industry, threatening to clog telecom networks… unless a new, scalable approach is implemented. This documentary explores the evolution of Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) and the hurdles faced when switching from infrastructure-heavy, legacy networks to virtualized networks.

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  • There is a lot of talk about achieving a fifth generation wireless network by 2020, but there is still a lot of work to do and there are plenty of skeptics about the perceived hype around 5G wireless.

  • New players into the small cell arena like Ericsson and Cisco have given a stamp of validation to what we do, said Ronny Haraldsvik, CMO with SpiderCloud Wireless as he spoke to TIA NOW at TIA 2013.

  • Berge Ayvazian, Sr. Consultant at Heavy Reading tells TIA NOW's Abe Nejad that TIA 2013 allows the vendor community to come together. Ayvazian also talks about the future of 4G-LTE and small cell technologies.

  • Kelley Carr, Senior VP of DAS Solutions at Goodman Networks, tells TIA NOW that "small cell is here and now."

  • Chris Rivera, Senior Director of Network Engineering and Technology at Cisco, talks about the importance of controlling policy to secure data.

  • Joyce Mullen, VP & GM, Global OEM Solutions at Dell, says protecting data in the Cloud is a big challenge but a bigger one is protecting unstructured video surveillance data.

  • The network is part of everyones business but how do we build on the network with new applications that personalize experiences and extract value from big data?

  • Martin Casado, the inventor of Openflow talks to TIA NOW about how the enterprise is changing with the adoption of SDN.


    Chris Koeneman, Vice President of sales for ADTRAN's BlueSocket enterprise networks division, talks network virtualization and has the most unusual description of an SDN/NFV Venn diagram.



    James Feger, VP of Network Strategy and Development at CenturyLink, tells TIA NOW, not so fast on SDN.


  • The Weather Company is making big data a number one priority and the Cloud will make that migration a reality.

  • Network architectures are experiencing tectonic shifts and industry is following suit as software and hardware companies are integrating new technologies called software defined networking and network function virtualization. Join TIA NOW as they talk with industry luminaries from Intel and Dell while streaming live from the TIA 2013 conference

  • Converged infrastructures and shared services are at the foundation of cloud computing. Big data, virtual networks and software defined networking will take over water cooler conversations in the tech sector for years to come. Can the network be the bedrock of the Cloud or will market demand and OTT provider services be too formidable for the telco community?

  • The software-defined networking movement is here. So what will our world look like when we are SDN enabled? The Future of the Network will soon be virtualized as changing cloud architectures and growing business needs require a flexible network environment. But how will industry gain a competitive advantage with SDN? How will the impact of SDN on the network change the way we do business? The Future of the Network is always changing. Where will you be when it does?

  • David Walsh, President, CEO & Chairman of GENBAND discusses the major disruptions facing the ICT industry from the growing interest and adoption of the cloud, SDN and webRTC.