Sumitomo Electric Lightwave

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  • How do you meet and exceed the evolving demands of your customers? We spoke with industry experts from Juniper Networks, Sumitomo Electric Lightwave and Avion Networks to discuss the ways in which their business are pivoting to address the changes in customer demand as network virtualization becomes more prominent across the communications technology ecosystem.

  • Vernon Yow of Sumitomo Electric Lightwave talks about ribbon technology and how that impacts improved cabling. Yow speaks further about the applications of ribbon technology for data centers and how ultra-high-fiber-count ribbon cables meet the growing need for high fiber density in data centers.

  • Fred McDuffee, President and CEO at Sumitomo Electric Lightwave, tells TIA NOW how the industry is moving from copper to fiber in the midst of the transition from 1G to 10G speeds.

  • Fred McDuffee, President of Sumitomo Electric Lightwave, sits down with TIA NOW at the TIA 2012 event.