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    AT&T's VP of Strategic Initiatives Rachel Kutz, and Matt Bruening, VP of Supply Chain Sourcing, speak with TIA NOW about the the desired characteristics of a good supplier, the importance of compliance and sustainability in supplier relationships, the effects disaggregation are having on the supply chain, and what AT&T needs from its suppliers.

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  • Greening the ICT industry by a factor of 1,000 sounds incomprehensible to some but the GreenTouch Consortium contends it will be a reality. Join TIA NOW and the Chairman of GreenTouch, Thierry Van Landegem, to find out how he plans to lead the way in Green ICT.

  • Broadcom's use of NFC technology connects consumer devices to simplify the user experience. Join TIA NOW as they profile Broadcom at CES 2013 and their cutting edge technology that provides new products and services like mobile payments and multi-screen video.

  • What is the solution to your migration towards next generation speeds? If 40/100G is what we all want, then maximum fiber density and reduced cable congestion are how we can all get there. Join TIA NOW as they speak with executives in the industry about the best path to 100G speeds.

  • TIA NOW sat down with David Thompson, Director of Product Marketing at ZyXEL, at CES 2013 to discuss the future of fixed 4G/LTE, home connectivity and more.

  • The new year brings great opportunities in the ICT industry but also offers many challenges. TIA's Head of Government Affairs, Danielle Coffey, will tell us what to look out for in 2013 and how TIA is approaching the issues.

  • Ranndy Kellogg, Vice President of Marketing & Product Development at Omron Healthcare, talks integration of consumer health care products and mobile device communications.

  • CES kicks off in 2013 and TIA NOW sat down with CEA President Gary Shapiro to answer some important questions about innovation and the network.

  • Security Technical Bulletin TSB-4940, published on December 18th, lays out framework for industry on security measures.

  • President Bill Clinton took a strong stance against the "I win, you lose" business mentality as he delivered a keynote speech at Dell World 2012.

  • TIA NOW speaks with two members of the TIA CTO Roundtable hosted by Dell in Austin, Texas.

  • Geographic Information Systems allow us to visualize vast amounts of data and information to better understand our physical world, political events, cultural changes and disasters. Superstorm Sandy is the latest project for GIS and here to tell us more about how this technology applies to the ICT industry is Ashley Hitt, Manager of GIS Services for Connected Nation.

  • The mission of the Open Visual Communications Consortium, better known as the OVCC, is to develop and support a ubiquitous video marketplace by establishing secure, quality-assured, and video-capable interconnections and to enable any-to-any video communication for end users across the world. In the TIA NOW studio are two panelists to give us a better understanding of this consortium.

  • The M2M ecosystem is growing as industry stakeholders recognize the need to broaden their market segments to encourage new revenue streams. The telecommunications industry is on the cusp of exploring new opportunities in the M2M space to increase profitability, reduce OPEX and improve customer experience and service.

  • 2012 has been a busy year on many fronts in the ICT sector and TIA NOW always tries to catch the brightest luminaries in the industry to recap the year and what’s ahead.

  • The mad rush to faster speeds and greater storage capabilities are evident and network optimization for improved quality of service and experience is gaining momentum. Storing big data is a challenge for the ICT industry and JDSU is focusing on the edge of the network to make carriers and equipment makers bigger players in the ecosystem and ultimately yield better business models and robust revenue streams.