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    AT&T's VP of Strategic Initiatives Rachel Kutz, and Matt Bruening, VP of Supply Chain Sourcing, speak with TIA NOW about the the desired characteristics of a good supplier, the importance of compliance and sustainability in supplier relationships, the effects disaggregation are having on the supply chain, and what AT&T needs from its suppliers.

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  • How do you manage partner relationships while the Telecom industry is facing major disruption? How can service providers operationalize disruption? Greg Manganello, SVP of Services at Fujitsu Network Communications joins TIA NOW with insights.

  • As we expand network virtualization, maintaining quality will be both necessary and a challenge. How will enterprise overcome? TIA NOW is joined by Nokia's Deepti Arora, Chief Quality Officer, John Wronka, Senior Director of Quality, and Maneesh Kumar, Head of 5G Quality to discuss the changing view of quality.

  • As macrocells increase in capacity and size, their demand for electrical power will grow accordingly. Is the energy infrastructure that will power the next generation of communications in place today? TIA NOW speaks with Jimmy Taylor, President of TelTech, and Michael Burkhalter, SVP of Global Sales at Alpha Technologies about the policies and solutions necessary to ensure that energy needs don't constrain the 5G future.

  • What's behind the technology that allows tower technicians to work safely and efficiently online or offline? It's an app developed by TIA's newest member, Mobile Reach. Kelly Brande is its Industry and Account Manager of Telecom, and he joins TIA NOW to discuss Mobile Reach's role in the telecom ecosystem.

  • Can the U.S. maintain its place as a leader in the global race to 5G? Will the FCC and Congress streamline the process of network infrastructure deployments? What disruptive business models will emerge because of 5G? Nokia's EVP and President of North America Rick Corker speaks with TIA CEO Wes Johnston about the near future of the journey to 5G.

  • What's happening in the push to modernize the U.S. federal government's IT infrastructure? What are the barriers to implementation? John Weiler, Executive Director at the IT Acquisition Advisory Council and Tony Scott, the former Federal CIO and the Senior Data Privacy and Cybersecurity Advisor at Squire Patton Boggs, talk to TIA NOW about status of the Report to the President on IT Modernization.

  • Sprint and T-Mobile recently announced plans to merge into one company as a way to help them keep up with the race to 5G. But will federal regulators go along? Jason Leigh, Senior Research Analyst for Mobility at IDC, joins TIA NOW to talk about their spectrum positions and what comes next.

  • Researchers need city-sized playgrounds in order to properly test and develop 5G technologies. That’s why the National Science Foundation (NSF) has announced it will deploy two 5G platforms for advanced wireless research. Dr. Thyaga Nandagopal, NSF's Deputy Division Director of the Computing & Communications Foundations Division, joins TIA NOW to announce the first two 5G testbed cities.

  • What will define 5G is coming into focus. The need for an effective standards process, that will represent the varied stakeholders, is critical. TIA NOW discusses this process and shows a working demo of 3 future capabilities of 5G.

  • TIA’s Network of the Future conference provides attendees an avenue to explore a wide-range of perspectives that center on the essential infrastructure foundations needed for advancing connectivity and economic opportunity across every industry and every market. You don’t want to miss this. Join us June 5-8 in Plano, TX. Register today at networkofthefuture.org.

  • What can you expect when you allow vendors to leverage your external networking assets? What are the benefits of open specs in a network environment? Cliff Grossner, Senior Research Director & Advisor for the Cloud and Data Center Research Practice at IHS Markit, joins us with answers, and the significant breakthroughs that have happened so far because of open source.

  • What is the future of U.S. trade with China and its effects on the ICT industry? Should American telcos be skeptical about promises of more balanced trade with China? TIA's Director of Global Policy, K.C. Swanson, speaks with Chris Millward, President & Managing Director of USITO, which represents the tech industry in Beijing, about the impact tariffs and other trade policies could have on telcos.

  • It’s been 10 years since the advent of software defined networking (SDN). Since then, SDN has emerged as an essential component of the drive towards virtualization. One of the pioneers of SDN is Nick McKeown, Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at Stanford University. He joins TIA NOW to discuss the origins and the future of SDN.

  • Will 5G be a platform for innovation? If so, what type of innovation can the industry expect? How will 5G open new services in new vertical markets? TIA NOW's Clarence Reynolds speaks with Mats Karlsson, Head of R&D and Portfolio at Ericsson, about creating new business opportunities with 5G technology.

  • The Open Network Automation Platform (ONAP) is on a journey to maturity, seeking to fortify its resiliency, scalability and security. What challenges will ONAP encounter? Helen Chen, Principal Architect at Huawei, and Jason Hunt, Executive Software Architect at IBM, speak with TIA NOW about ONAP’s path forward.