5G Labs: Telstra, Ericsson & Machine Type Communications


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Delivering the benefits of 5G requires an end-to-end approach that includes devices, RAN and core networks. In 2015, Telstra, an early adopter of LTE technology, worked with network partner Ericsson to drive standards, test new concepts and research new architectures for 5G technologies. Telstra's and Ericsson’s collaborative 5G lab evaluations and field trials helped determine the role that "machine type communications” had in 5G, through demonstrations and applications for next generation wireless technologies. At Mobile World Congress 2016, TIA NOW will discuss 5G test trials with Telstra’s Chief Technology Officer, Vish Nandlall and Ericsson’s Senior Vice President, Group CTO and Head of Group Function Technology, Ulf Ewaldsson, to deepen our understanding of the latest innovations, architectures and use cases important to 5G.